Viral Video Shows Passenger Blocking Neighbour's TV Screen During Flight, Internet Furious

The incident raises questions about the boundaries of personal space

In an age where social media has the power to turn ordinary moments into viral sensations, a recent video capturing an unusual in-flight incident has taken the internet by storm. The footage shows a passenger seemingly taking in-flight entertainment to a whole new level by blocking their neighbour’s TV screen. The incident raises questions about the boundaries of personal space and in-flight etiquette, highlighting the challenges of navigating shared spaces at 35,000 feet.

The video, shared on Reddit by @d_p_e_k, shows a passenger reclining their seat and using their hands to cover the screen of the person sitting behind them. The incident occurred during a commercial flight, leaving viewers both amused and perplexed by the audacity of such behaviour. The video was captured while on a long-haul flight. 

The caption of the video reads, “The person sat in front of my cousin on his long-haul flight…”

See the video here:

The person sat in front of my cousin on his long-haul flight…
byu/d_p_e_k inmildyinfuriating

Social media users were quick to express their opinions on the matter, with many condemning the actions of the seat-blocking passenger. Some found the incident humorous, while others viewed it as a serious breach of in-flight etiquette. The video sparked a heated debate about the unwritten rules that govern behaviour in shared spaces, especially on airplanes where personal space is limited.

Commenting on the video, a user suggested a diabolical way to make the problem go away. “Fake sneeze and flick some water on him.”

Another user wrote, “I would’ve wiped a booger on his hands,” another user wrote. 

“Communicate. It’s not that hard to politely ask that they stop whatever’s causing the issue. Usually, it’s just a simple mistake and they’ll apologize and stop,” the third user wrote. 

“our cousin should have called a flight attendant and tell the ‘hands’ to stay on his side,” the fourth user suggested. 

The fifth user wrote, “I don’t understand why people think documenting a problem and resolving it are mutually exclusive. Assuming this is real, if faced with this issue I would have recorded it out of sheer amazement of this person’s rudeness and/or ignorance, then asked them to stop. Who’s to say OP’s cousin didn’t do the same thing?”

The airline has not reacted to the video yet. 



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