UK Model Arabella Chi 'Dragged From Car', Attacked During Robbery In Spain

The gang targeted the car after noticing that Arabella Arabella was alone inside it.

Model Arabella Chi was dragged from her car and attacked during a robbery, according to a report in Metro. The 32-year-old was travelling back from Ibiza to Barcelona with her father Paul when the attack took place. The robbers slashed the tyres of her car before the horrifying ordeal unfolded, the outlet further said. The police later told Ms Chi that she was targeted by an organised crime group. The incident comes weeks after the parents of Liverpool footballer Luis Diaz were kidnapped on the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

“Shortly after driving off the ferry, she had car issues with the two back wheels. Her dad realised both tyres had been slashed,” The Sun quoted people close to the model as saying.

“With only one spare, they decided Arabella would stay with the car as it was packed full of suitcases and her dad should get an Uber to go and get help,” the outlet added.

The gang targeted the car after noticing that Ms Arabella was alone inside it.

Ms Chi was “absolutely terrified” but she “screamed a fought back”, Metro said in its report.

The attackers were said to have got away with Ms Chi’s handbag, purse and passports, but she was able to save her phone.

The outlet also said that the thieves used high-tech device to unlock the model’s car. After the attackers left, Ms Chi called her father, who reached the spot with Spanish police officers.

Meanwhile, Ms Diaz’s father was released by ELN guerrilla group on Thursday, nearly two weeks after he was kidnapped. Luis Manuel Diaz told reporters that he went through a “very difficult” time, surviving “almost 12 days without sleep”.

His wife Cilenis Marulanda, who was taken by the same ELN kidnappers on October 28, was rescued hours later.


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