Telangana Chief Minister KCR Does Not Own A Car, Shows His Poll Affidavit

The affidavit showed Mr Rao as an agriculturist (File)


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday declared movable assets worth over Rs 17.83 crore and immovable assets whose total of current value is about Rs 8.50 crore. According to the election affidavit submitted while filing his nomination for the November 30 Legislative Assembly polls, he does not own a car.

The gross total value of movable assets in the name of his wife Shobha was over Rs seven crore.

The gross total value of the movable assets of his HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) was over Rs nine crore.

The total of current market value of immovable assets in Mr Rao’s name was about Rs 8.50 crore, it is about Rs 15 crore in the name of HUF.

The grand total of liabilities of Mr Rao was over Rs 17 crore while that of the HUF was over Rs 7.23 crore.

Mr Rao’s total income as per IT returns was over Rs 1.60 crore as on March 31, 2023, while it was Rs 1.74 crore as on March 31, 2019.

The income of Mr Rao’s wife was over Rs 8.68 lakhs as on March 31, 2023 and receipt/ transfer of Rs 7.88 crore from K Chandrasekhar Rao-HUF.

The total income was over Rs 34 lakh in the name of HUF as on March 31,2023 and net agriculture income was over Rs 1.44 crore.

The agriculture lands are in the name of HUF.

The affidavit showed Mr Rao as an agriculturist and his educational qualification is BA.

The HUF owns several vehicles, including tractors.

There are nine cases pending against him, all booked during the Telangana statehood agitation.

He also stated that he has not been convicted for any criminal offence.

Meanwhile, Mr Rao’s son and BRS Working President K T Rama Rao has disclosed total movable assets worth Rs 6.92 crore in the affidavit submitted by him while filing his nomination.

The worth of movable assets has gone up from the Rs 3.63 crore declared in 2018.

According to the affidavit, Rama Rao’s wife Shailima has movable assets worth Rs 26.4 crore and their daughter K Alekhya has movable assets worth Rs 1.43 crore.

Similarly, Rama Rao’s immovable assets of Rs 10.4 crore (market value) increased when compared to immovable assets of Rs 1.30 crore in 2018.

His wife has immovable assets of Rs 7.42 crore and their daughter has immovable assets worth Rs 46.7 lakh.

Rama Rao also has liabilities of Rs 67.2 lakh while his wife has liabilities of Rs 11.2 crore.

As per the affidavit, Rama Rao declared that he owns one car and 100 grams of gold ornaments while his wife has 4.7 kg gold ornaments and diamonds.

Rama Rao’s total annual income shown in IT return as per the financial year of 2022-23 was Rs 11.6 lakh, compared to Rs 1.14 crore income as on March 31, 2019. Rama Rao is facing seven criminal cases which were filed during the separate Telangana Statehood agitation.

He said he was convicted in a 2012 case under the Railways Act. However, no punishment was imposed as the trial court extended the benefit under the provisions of Probation of Offenders Act and all the accused were released after due admonition.

Rama Rao called himself a ‘politician’ and an ‘agriculturist’, while his wife’s profession has been listed as ‘business’ and an ‘agriculturist’. 

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