Diwali 2023: State Wise Rules For Bursting Firecrackers

State governments have provided relaxation on Diwali day.

Diwali had always been synonymous with rangoli colours, joyous celebrations and the crackling sounds of firecrackers. But in the last few years, authorities have imposed a ban on firecrackers due to rising air pollution. This year too, the Supreme Court said in an order than firecrackers are banned on Diwali, but clarified that it applies to those that are filled with barium and other banned chemicals. After the order, state governments across the country decided to provide some relaxations to people on Diwali day but specified what type of firecrackers will be allowed.

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Here are the state wise rules on firecrackers on Diwali

Punjab: The Bhagwant Maan government has allowed the sale and bursting of green firecrackers during the festival season, starting with Diwali. Environment minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer said that on Diwali, bursting of green firecrackers will be allowed from 8pm to 10pm, on Guruparv, the devotees can burs crackers from 4am to 5am and 9pm to 10pm. The order further says that on Christmas Eve, firecrackers will be allowed from 11.55pm to 12.30am. The same rule will be followed on New Year’s Eve. The minister also said that chorsa garland firecracker will be banned, and so will be online sale of all the crackers.

Uttar Pradesh: The police in Noida and Ghaziabad, cities close to national capital Delhi, have imposed a ban on the sale of firecrackers. The state government said that permission to sell green crackers will be given only if air quality index (AQI) is registered under satisfactory level.

Delhi: The Delhi government has banned the manufacture, storage, sale and bursting of firecrackers, including the green ones, in the city till January 1, 2024 to control pollution levels in winter. The police recently seized 40 kg of firecrackers and arrested a man from south Delhi’s Kotla Mubarakpur area.

Jammu and Kashmir: The Jammu and Kashmir administration has imposed an immediate ban on the sale and use of firecrackers within five kilometres of the International Border (IB) and Line of Control (LOC).

Telangana: The police in Hyderabad have allowed bursting of firecrackers only for two hours in Diwali day. The order by Hyderabad Police Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya also says that the noise level from firecrackers in these two hours should be within the permissible limit. The restrictions will come into force from 6am on November 12 (Sunday) and will remain in force till 6am on November 15.

Maharashtra: There is no ban on bursting of firecrackers in the state. In an order, the Bombay High Court has allowed bursting of firecrackers for three hours – from 7pm to 10pm – on the day of Diwali.

Tamil Nadu: The state government has allowed bursting of green crackers on the day of Diwali. Over the last few years, firecracker manufacturers at Sivakasi – considered the fireworks capital of India – have switched to green crackers, avoiding barium chloride and sticking to the formula approved by the Supreme Court. However, the challenge is to regulate the unorganised sector.

West Bengal: The state government has allowed the sale of only green firecrackers. There will also be a two-hour window – 8pm to 10pm – on Diwali and 6am to 8am on Chhath Puja. The window to burst green crackers on Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be open for 35 minutes, between 11:55 pm to 12:30 am.



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