Killer Whales Wreak Havoc: Polish Yacht Destroyed By Orca Pod In High Seas Encounter

A pod of killer whales scuppered a vessel in the Strait of Gibraltar.

A group of killer whales in the Strait of Gibraltar relentlessly attacked a Polish yacht, causing significant damage to the steering fin and leading to a leak. This marks the fourth such incident in the region within two years. The yacht operator described the attack as persistent and focused on the vessel’s steering mechanism.

On October 31st, a Polish tour group’s yacht was relentlessly attacked by a pod of orcas while sailing through the Strait of Gibraltar. The prolonged assault, lasting 45 minutes, severely damaged the yacht’s steering fin and caused it to leak. The tour company, Morskie Mile, based in Warsaw, shared the harrowing incident via a translated Facebook post.

Efforts to rescue the boat failed as it sank near Tanger-Med’s entrance, as stated in the post.

According to the New York Post, the crew wasn’t harmed in the attack and is currently enjoying a sojourn in Spain. The incident marks the latest in an ongoing trend of Shamus scuttling ships off the coast of Morocco and Spain.

As per the newsportal, while attacks on boats have been documented since 2020, the incidents have increased in both frequency and ferocity, with the whales sending several boats to Davy Jones’ locker of late. It’s unclear why the species-which feeds on fish, seals, and other whales-has been targeting humans.

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