Bye-Bye Acne! Say Hello To Clear Skin With Methi Cinnamon Tea Before Sleep

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Picture this – you have a party to attend in the evening, but you wake up with a big red dot on your face. The very thought seems dreadful. Right? But unfortunately, it is a very common phenomenon and people with acne-prone skin experience it a lot. So what’s your go-to solution to get back the soft, supple and spotless skin? If we guessed it right, most of you will vote for expensive serums and solutions. While we don’t deny the goodness of these skincare products, let us tell you that no amount of medication can make acne vanish for good. That is where your diet comes into play.

A healthy skincare regime can always reduce the severity of a skin problem, but good food nips it in the bud. That is why, we got you a detox drink recipe that can help resolve acne-related issues, once and for all. Shared by nutritionist Richa Gangani, this drink includes the goodness of cinnamon, curry leaves and methi (fenugreek seeds). Let’s elucidate further.

What Causes Acne? What Leads To Acne On The Face?

According to health experts, acne occurs when skin pores, connected to oil glands, get blocked. This leads to build-up on the skin, preventing detoxification of dead skin cells – resulting in inflammation, which we commonly refer to as acne.

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Regular Acne Vs Hormonal Acne: What Is The Difference?

The two most prevalent types of acne are regular (or bacterial) acne and hormonal acne.

1. Regular acne:

Regular acne occurs when skin pores fail to detoxify, leading to an overabundance of bacteria on the skin. This build-up leads to whiteheads, blackheads, and tiny pimples that appear on the forehead, nose, and chin. This can be resolved with regular skincare.

2. Hormonal acne:

A common phenomenon in teenagers, menstruating women and people with hormonal imbalance, occurs due to a sudden change in the body’s hormone levels. Hormonal acne usually occurs as a cyst on the cheeks, chin, and jawline. Hormonal acne is usually treated with a healthy diet and lifestyle regime under expert supervision.

Methi Cinnamon Tea For Spotless Skin: How This Nutritionist-Recommended Drink Benefits Your Skin:

According to nutritionist Richa Gangani, this tea is beneficial for people suffering from acne, especially hormonal acne. She chronicles on Instagram, “I was suffering from Hormonal Acne for the past few months but this drink came as a rescue,” adding that she had the drink for 21 days and got back her spotless skin, “leaving no scars behind”

Benefits Of Methi Seeds: Does Methi Seeds Reduce Acne?

Methi seeds contain antioxidants and a compound named diosgenin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. These nutrients come together to detox the skin and fight against acne.

Benefits Of Cinnamon: Does Cinnamon Reduce Acne?

Cinnamon contains antiseptic properties which help your skin deal with breakouts. Alongside, the anti-fungal properties treat the skin from within, leaving it clear and spotless.

Benefits Of Curry Leaves: Does Curry Leaves Reduce Acne?

Rich in anti-microbial properties along with essential vitamins like A and C, curry leaves are known to soothe skin cells and heal from within. This also helps remove oil and dirt from skin pores, leaving back an even tone.

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How To Make Methi Cinnamon Tea For Acne-Free, Spotless Skin:

To start with, boil a glass of water with a spoon of methi seeds, a cinnamon stick and some curry leaves. Once the water is boiled, let it infuse for some time. Then strain the tea and mix some honey (optional) for taste. And you have a skin-healthy drink ready to sip before hitting the bed.

Watch the detailed post below:

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Eat and drink mindfully, and enjoy a soft, supple and spotless skin!



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