These 7 Secret Codes Will Keep Your Smartphones Safe, Crime Investigation Bureau Releases List

Many social media users claimed that very few codes are working

Securing your smartphone is paramount in the digital age. Employing secret codes can significantly enhance its safety and protect your sensitive information from prying eyes. National Crime Investigation Bureau has shared seven crucial secret codes to safeguard your device.

National Crime Investigation Bureau, an independent Non-Government Organization (NGO) on Sunday shared a list of 7 secret codes on X, formerly Twitter.

“Smartphone users should know the secret codes of the phone. Although the list of secret codes of smartphones is quite long, there are some important codes which are very important for you to know,” the tweet by NCIB read.

NCIB listed the 7 codes, “01- *#21#: With the help of this secret code, you can know whether your call, data or number has been forwarded to any other number.”

“2- #0#: With the help of this secret code, you can find out whether your phone’s display, speaker, camera, sensor is working properly by dialling it or not,” it wrote.

“3- * #07#: This secret code tells the SAR value of your phone. Meaning, with its help you can get information about the radiation emanating from the phone. The essence value should always be less than 1.6,” it wrote.

“4- *#06 #: With the help of this secret code you can find out your IMEI number. This IMEI number is needed in case the phone is lost.

5- ## 4636##: You can know the information about your smartphone’s battery, internet, and WiFi with this secret code,” the NCIB shared.

“6- ## 34971539##: You can know the camera information of your smartphone with this secret code. You will also know whether your camera is working properly or not.

7- 2767*3855# If you type this secret code on your dial pad, it will reset your smartphone. Keep in mind that after resetting the phone’s data will be lost. Therefore, save the data somewhere and then dial,” it concluded.

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Many social media users claimed that very few codes are working.

“Before Posting such post please check, only very few codes are working rest all are giving errors or not working at all,” a user wrote on X.

“Not a single code is working except Imei one,” another user wrote.

“No 2,5,6 error. Remaining not working,” the third user wrote.



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