The Kerala Story Box Office Collection Day 12

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The Kerala Story Box Office Collection and Budget |  Wise Collection |  Movie Review

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Movie The Kerala Story 
Genre Drama
Star Cast Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani and Sonia Balani
Director Sudipto Sen
Producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Running Time  2 H 18 Min 
Release Date  5th May 2023 


Screen Count  🎦
India  1200+
Overseas  400+
Total Worldwide  1600


Movie Budget :-30Cr.


The Kerala Story Box Office Collection Day Wise ( Indian Net) Report

Days Collection
1st Day 8Cr.
2nd Day 11.20Cr.
3rd Day  16cr.
4th Day 10cr.
5th Day 11.05Cr.
6th Day 11.70Cr.
7th Day 12.15Cr.
8th Day 11.52Cr.
9th Day 19Cr.
10th Day 22Cr.
11th Day 9.70Cr.
12th Day 9.40Cr.
Total Collection  152.92Cr.


Total India Net Collection  152.92Cr.
Total India Gross Collection  182.10Cr.
Total Overseas Collection  5.70Cr.
Total Worldwide Collection  187.80Cr.


Verdict :- Blockbuster


The Kerala Story Movie Review

Can’t believe that I have come after watching such a movie in which the makers have taken such a big courage that there can be a lot of ruckus about this movie. Apart from this, if we look at this movie only from the point of view of the movie, then the dialogues which are narrated to us about every religion brother, at that time I thought that in such a houseful theater no one should get up and create riots in the theater, but thankfully all the intelligent people were sitting and Yes, the theater was houseful, think how different the mind set of the audience has become regarding the content. Be it emotions, no unnecessary forced drama scene, whatever it is, it is all natural and this movie provides all that RAW, ROTATE, NATURAL and REALISTIC and to tell the truth, while watching this movie again and again I get a kashmir file. Was remembering that this is the same level of film and will also create history of the same level which was created by Kashmir Files.


The story revolves around a Hindu girl converting to crisis and coming back where every scene looks so real because of the actor’s performance, as if these people are not only actors, they themselves become the characters of that place. Hats off to the actors first of all because no matter how true and brutal the story is, if the actors don’t perform then the realistic feeling will not come in the movie. They will not understand that much, who are getting trapped in their trap like this, but that brainwashing was not only for one or two days, but after spending two months, five months, years, they were being brainwashed slowly everyday so that the girls themselves You can convert yourself so that no one can raise any question on them in the future, even after such a tremendous brainwash, those girls even go against their parents and the kind of dialogues that are kept in the scene of converting, right brother? I am telling the truth, this is an irritate movie, not because it has naked adult scenes in it.


There are such language and such mature scenes which can be understood only by nature adult that swy it’s a certified, but be side that in it hate language brutal bloodshed and twice rape scene is also shown not openly but it is understandable Hai ki kya chaal raha hai, seeing which you will actually start feeling disgusted with those people and I would also like to praise Ada Sharma because you will get to see a lot of variety in her acting? When she was Shalini and after becoming Fatima, the change that comes in her and when she wants to become Shalini again after coming out of that phase, she has put it in front of people with fearless and cuteness through her acting. In some performances and dialogues, the audience was also clapping like this, the rest of the movie is two and a half hours long and will not bore you anywhere. The topic of the movie is not for everyone, so children and teenagers should stay away from it. Rest I will give this movie four out of five stars, bye in the next video.

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