Song On Millets Featuring PM Modi Nominated For Grammy Award

Singer Falu said she “naively” asked the Prime Minister if he could write a song on millets.

New Delhi:

A song on millets featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been nominated for this year’s Grammy Awards. The song highlights the health benefits and the government’s efforts to promote the nutritious cereal. 

The song, ‘Abundance of Millets’, features Indian-American Grammy-winning singer Falu (Falguni Shah) and her husband and singer Gaurav Shah, and was released in June this year. 

“Prime Minister Modi has written a song with me and my husband Gaurav Shah,” Falu told PTI.

She said the idea to write a song about millets came when she met Prime Minister Modi in Delhi last year after winning the Grammy, adding that Prime Minister Modi suggested to her she should write a song with a message of ending hunger during their discussion on the power of music to bring change and uplift humanity.

Falu earlier told PTI that she “naively” asked the Prime Minister if he could write a song on millets.

The song celebrates the International Year of the Millets, which was declared by the United Nations, this year. 

The proposal was brought forward by India and endorsed by Members of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Governing Bodies and the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly.

The Modi government has been promoting millet as a nutritious cereal, highlighting its health benefits and how it can help alleviate poverty. 

The cereal was even part of the menu of PM Modi’s State Dinner when he visited the US.



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