Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1 Box Office Collection and Budget |  Wise Collection |  Movie Review | Unknown Facts About Pushpa Movie

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Baalveer Season 3 || 28th May (Part-1 )


Pushpa The Rise – Part 1 Box Office Collection and Budget |  Wise Collection |  Movie Review

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Movie  Pushpa The Rise – Part 1
Genre  Crime,Action
Star Cast  Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil, Rashmika Mandanna, Jagapathi Babu,Prakash Raj, Dhananjay, Sunil, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Harish Uthaman, Shatru
Director  Sukumar
Producer   Y. Ravi Shankar And Naveen Yerneni
Running Time  2 H 59Min
Release Date  17th December 2021


Screen Count 🎦
India 3800+
Overseas 750+
Total Worldwide 4550+


Movie Budget :-170Cr.


Pushpa Box Office Collection And Verdict – Hit Or Flop

1st Day Net Collection (Hindi)  3.31Cr.
1st Day Net Collection (India) 43.97Cr.
1st Week Net Collection (Hindi ) 26.39Cr.
1st Week Net Collection (India ) 160.94Cr.
Lifetime Hindi Net Box Office Collection  180.40Cr.
Lifetime India Net Box Office Collection  290.30Cr.
India Gross Box Office Collection  348Cr.
Overseas Collection  27.10Cr.
Worldwide Collection  375.10Cr.
Hindi Verdict  All Time Blockbuster 
Overall Verdict  Superhit 



Pushpa Movie Review

So brother, the story begins from those jungles where there is a laborer Pushpa i.e. Allu Arjun among red sandalwood smugglers. Wants to get the most success, meanwhile he himself gets involved in sandalwood smuggling where he has a clash with the police of his area.

It keeps happening to them just like a glass of liquor, expensive liquor, his area keeps increasing and he soon comes into the team of the biggest smuggler of the area.

From here he gets the figure of Thirty Six from Konda Reddy’s younger brother Jolly Reddy and his partner Mangalaram Srinu who himself is a big smuggler

The story takes a turn from here and Pushpa keeps on making new enemies along with her success, in between her love interest Mr. Wali i.e. Rashmika Mandana is also seen yes honestly she didn’t have much to do but if she was seen

From here, what does Pushp do in search of an event and identity near him, this is the story of the whole picture, what do you understand?


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will you tell? Yes, in this I will tell about the film those points which can make you a short short blockbuster film even before Spiderman, I mean Pushpa film’s first march dialogues and action film’s march dialogues are much better.


The action scene of the film is well shot, it gives a full feeling to watch, especially when Pushpa and Konda Reddy’s men fight on the screen. Second, the background music of the film is amazing and it has got tremendous success in the South.

Opening ji, now experts say that this film can earn up to fifty crores on the very first day in all its languages, but the real fight is in the Hindi belt, why did it happen brother? Spiderman ko todegi to box office chhodgi kya think background music is also good? Full marks to the giver, the color palette is soothing to the eyes and no frame stings the eyes

And the third one which is the best and strong point of South films is strong villain. Yes, like a typical South film, the hero does not win every time, its villain is as strong as its hero, especially Fazilka Bhanwar Singh. When Shekhawat comes on screen then Pushpa and her face off is a blast i.e. film

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Ten if this film gets more screens in hindi belt then it can set fire, well spice jet man is its strong competitor but if word of mouth is good then this film can give competition to it But can put to sleep, can put a fight in everyone’s hair by stroking his beard


Although there is still some problem with the censor board regarding its Hindi print, but I am sure that this film is for theater experience only, in one line Pushpa maas hai, class hai jhakaas


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Pushpa Movie Unknown Facts.


Yeh Pushpa Naam Sunke Flower Samjhe Kya Flower Nahi Fire Fire Pushpa Pushparaj Apoorna Sala Jhukega Nahi Friends, in this video we will talk about Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna and Fahad Fazil’s best action drama film product Rice i.e. its part one and many unknown and About its box office performance, subscribe the channel and keep watching the video in full. Film post is Allu Arjun and Fasal’s first pan India film. Has done and Hindi dubbed versions of these films of Allu Arjun have always created many new records which clearly shows how much Allu Arjun’s fan following was in North India even before any pen India film. And now such a series is going to start from 2022 where we will get to see mostly in Pan India films. The story of Pushpa in the film is based on the smuggling of sandalwood wood in Sesachalam forests of Chittoor area in Andhra Pradesh.


The special thing about this sandalwood, found in the forests of Sesachalam in Andhra Pradesh, is that it is found only here in the whole world, due to which the price of this sandalwood is very high and it is exported outside like China and Japan. Pushpame is sent to countries, in the film Pushpame Allu Arjun’s entire journey from modest to open to so big is shown, the best and very real locations of the film win your heart, along with this energetic performance of Allu Arjun is excellent. The film has been directed by Sukumar, a well-known director of Telugu cinema, who also has his first pan India film as a director, although all the films that director Sukumar has made before this have proved to be superhits. Tell the director is the third film, before that he had made films like Arya and Arya 2 with Arjun, apart from this, director Sukumar has made excellent films like Rangasthalam, Nana Ko Prem Mat Ho, Hundred Percent Profit and One. The story of the film is also by Sukumar. wrote and produced.

Kiya Tha Maitri Movie Makers Music was by DSP i.e. Devi Sri Prasad who composed music for most of Sukumar’s films We saw Allu Arjun in the role of Pushparaj Rashmika Mandana in the role of Sri Valli Fasal Bhanwarsingh Shekhawat Sunil Mangalam as Srinu as Dhananjay Jolly Reddy, Ajay Ghosh as Konda Reddy, Shatru as DSP Govind, Jagdish Pratap Bhandari’s dead body in a radar and Anusuiya Bhardwaj as Hume Dakshini. Total five songs were kept in the music album, which were released in dubbed versions of different languages and we got to see his music album in five different languages ​​Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, although its The songs of the Hindi version were not very popular, but one song of the film was liked by the right people, it was sung by Javed Ali, now if we talk about the budget and box office collection of the film, then the total budget of the film was kept. was about one hundred and eighty crore rupees


And the film has already collected about 250 crore rupees till now when I am recording this video and the film is going to be released in the cinema hall, it is going to be the second week and people like this film in the cinema hall. Coming out after seeing and praising it, by the way, the collection of the film is increasing more and more, the Hindi dubbed version of the film is also performing very well in North India and only its Hindi dubbed version has so far collected about thirty five crores, Has collected more than rupees which is a big thing in itself, so far the film has sold more than 35 lakh tickets and this film is still doing good collection in cinema halls, besides Andhra Pradesh And in Telangana, the ticket prices of the film have also been increased a lot in some cinema halls, but still Allu Arjun’s stardom is so high that people are being drawn to the cinema hall. If we talk about the IMDb rating of the film, then it et on imdb. Point two out of ten rating has been received, which is more than seventeen thousand people.

Ne Di Hai film Pushpa is still running in the cinema hall but its Hindi version has already become the sixth highest grosser of the year in Santo Hazar twenty one. Films remain Suryavanshi, but if the collection of all its versions is seen by BSP in the film, then it has gone ahead of Suryavanshi. Actually, director Sukumar had the idea of Pushpa’s story in the film about six years ago, at which time he Saw an article published in the paper where it was reported that a gang has been caught smuggling sandalwood wood in the forests of Chittoor area in Andhra Pradesh. However, after reading this news in detail, the director Sukumar came to know that such sandalwood is found in the forests of Sa Chillam around Chittoor district, which is not found anywhere else in the world, because of this many people of this sandalwood found in these forests are called Illigal. do smuggling


But after this news read in the news paper, director Sukumar decided to make a film on it, although till this time Sukumar had not written the complete story of the film, but it had come to his mind that he should make a film on the subject. It is to be made and this is about the year 2018 when Kumar was making the film Rangasthalam with Ram Charan. Actually the story of Sukumar’s film Rangasthalam was also based on the village itself. Puri was prepared and at that time Sukumar had first approached Mahesh Babu as the lead actor in the film, actually Sukumar had made films with Mahesh Babu earlier also and Mahesh Babu heard the story of the film and He liked it very much and he agreed to work in it, but after this, some creative difference has come to the fore between Mahesh Babu and the makers of the film, due to which at that time Mahesh Babu informed about this through his Twitter handle. I informed that he is not working in it because at that time


Mahesh Babu acted in the film and after Mahesh Babu, director Sukumar approached Allu Arjun for Pushpa in the film, who heard the story of the film and liked it very much and immediately agreed to work in it. Apart from Allu Arjun Rashmika Mandanna was approached as the lead actress and she immediately agreed to work in it. Rashmika Mandanna told in one of her interviews that working with Allu Arjun was a big deal for her. told that in his first Telugu film Geetha Govinda, Allu Arjun had come as the chief guest and Rashmika Mandanna always wanted to work in a film with Allu Arjun, which she got a chance to work in Pushpa. Rashmika Mandanna told That director Sukumar did not even tell him the full story of Pushpa in the film, nor did he have the courage to ask such big directors about the full story of the film. He told that director Sukumar told him only about his character in the film.

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