Watch: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Recreates Viral Meme With Bhupendra Jogi

Bhupendra Jogi first gained attention during a candid conversation with a journalist in 2018.

Ahead of the Assembly election 2023, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has collaborated with viral meme sensation Bhupendra Jogi in a hilarious Instagram video. In the clip, the minister playfully engages with Mr Jogi, echoing the format that initially catapulted Mr Jogi to fame in 2018. Their conversation centres around Mr Jogi’s name and awareness of the government schemes, and then culminates into a lighthearted moment of tree planting. 

Naam me kya rakha hai, aapka kaam bolna chahiye [What’s in a name, your actions should speak],” Mr Chouhan captioned the post. 

Watch the video below:

In the clip, the Madhya Pradesh CM asks Mr Jogi his name and if he is aware of his policies. To this, Mr Jogi answers in the affirmative. Mr Chohan then asks him to name a few. To this, Mr Jogi hilariously replies with his own name- Bhupendra Jogi. The clip ends on a positive note as they both plant a tree together. 

Mr Chohan shared the clip just a day back and since then it has accumulated more than 647,000 likes and over 8.5 million views. Several users even took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

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“Winner of the trend,” wrote one user. “Power of memes and memers,” said another. “Unexpected collaboration,” commented a third. “Collaboration we don’t deserve,” added another. 

Meanwhile, Bhupendra Jogi first gained attention during a candid conversation with a journalist in 2018 ahead of the election in Madhya Pradesh. In the video, a man claimed that the roads in his state are better than those in America. The journalist then asks the man’s name and requests him to name a few places he has been in the US. To this, the man replied with his own name. This straightforward introduction and unique charm made Bhupendra Jogi an overnight internet sensation.

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