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IB 71 Box Office Collection and Budget | Wi

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Movie IB71 
Genre Thriller , Action
Star Cast Vidyut Jammwal, Anupam Kher, Vishal Jethwa, Faizan Khan, Dalip Tahil, Suvrat Joshi, Mir Sarwar, Hobby Dhaliwal, Ashwath Bhatt
Director Sankalp Reddy
Producer Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vidyut Jammwal and Abbas Sayyed
Running Time 1H 57Min 
Release Date 12th May 2023 


Screen Count 🎥
India 900+
Overseas 400+
Total Worldwide 1300+

Movie Budget :- 25Cr.

IB 71 Box Office Collection Day Wise ( Indian Net) Report 

Days Collection 
1st Day 1.55Cr.
2nd Day 2.53Cr.
3nd Day 3.10Cr.
4th Day 1.1Cr.
5th Day 1.06Cr.
6th Day 1.02Cr.
7th Day 65L.
8th Day 64L.
Total Collection  11.65Cr.


Total India Net Collection  11.65Cr.
Total Gross Collection  13Cr.
Total Overseas Collection  1.05Cr.
Total Worldwide Collection  14.05Cr.

Verdict :- Coming Soon

IB71 Movie Review


IB Seventy One which is inspired by the story of Indo Pak War in Nineteen Seventy One has been released in theaters starting Vidyut Jammwal as lead hero to kaise hai ye movie aaiye baat karte hain well hello mera na hai yogi aur hamari mulatak baar baar Hogi IB Seventy One is a spy thriller story produced by Vidyut Jammwal himself and if you understand the meaning of IB as Imperial Blue then bewade hold your mind it’s Intelligence Bureau and first of all if I talk about its positive then the story is straightforward Sticks to the topic and doesn’t seem to wander anywhere; there is not even the word heroine in the entire film, so every scene of Pyaar Ishq, Mohabbat got rid of it and there is only one song in the film, that too in the second half. Even in that the story line continues to move, it is also a positive point, in terms of acting in the film everyone has done a great job like Anupam Kher in the film, but his role is not that much according to his character Vidyut Jammwal seems to have taken a break from his action hero style, because



Leave alone his action in this film, it is small action, because according to the script it was required, otherwise whatever light Pulka action you will get to see in the second half, which was somewhere good and maybe He will take your breath away and the best acting is Vishal Jethwa’s character, I think in the whole film it will be only for 15 to 25 minutes, but this guy is going to earn a lot of name and the last point in him is positive. The thrill of the half which is many times better than the first half, now if we talk about its negative then yes many can come out like the first half is very confusing and even though the length of the movie is only two hours, yet it is a typical spy thriller. A thriller movie starts to appear, which has a story but cannot create a proper suspense in trailer movies because it is a spy thriller movie, then such moments are very important in thriller movies in which goosebumps come, but its story lags in that too, Due to which it becomes difficult to keep hold of the audience on the screen.



The character development in the first half of the special should have been better and why is Vishal Jethwa’s character what it is? Why does he have to hijack the plane? And anyway, the plane of the plane hijack belongs to India, but how? He gets all that done through the character of Vishal Jethwa, so I personally felt that whatever the character of Vishal Jethwa was, it should have emerged more and no story line is set up for Vidyut Jammwal’s character, so that again we just Keep watching the movie and are not able to properly connect with any character. The hype of the movie is not very high, because of this today the theater was completely empty, although it is not even a remake of any film, but on the original topic. Not going to see by the way film one time watch is decent decent movie which is based on patriotism but don’t know why that patriotic feeling could not come out from inside so this film from my side Gets two stars out of five Bye in the next video.

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