Delhi Woman Bitten After Neighbour Unleashes Pitbull On Her

Riya Devi had been noticing the man allowing his pitbull to defecate in front of her house

New Delhi:

Requesting a man not to allow his dog to defecate in front of her door led to a woman getting bitten five times after the man unleashed his pet on her, police said. A case has been registered and investigation has begun. 

According to the police, the woman, Riya Devi, who lives in north Delhi’s Swaroop Nagar, had been noticing the man allowing his pitbull to defecate in front of her house for the past few days. On Friday morning, she noticed on the feed from a CCTV camera installed outside her house that the same thing had happened again.

She rushed out of the house and confronted the man, which led to an argument between the two. Riya Devi alleged that the man, who lives in the neighbourhood, unleashed the dog on her to scare her. She was bitten five times, including on her hands and legs. 

Neighbours rescued the woman from the pitbull and the entire incident was caught on CCTV camera. 

“I am very scared and have not been stepping out of the house. The dog is allowed to roam freely and all the neighbours are scared,” said Riya Devi. 

Her husband said the man and his family have a tendency to fight and they have had arguments in the past over other issues as well, including the blocking of a drain.

“A complaint was filed and a case has been registered based on CCTV footage. We are investigating the incident,” said an official from the Swaroop Nagar Police Station. 

On Monday, a dispute over taking a dog in an elevator had led to a fight between residents in a society in Noida’s Sector 108. A retired civil servant reportedly allegedly slapped the woman during the fight, after which her husband had a physical altercation with him.



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