Baalveer Season 3 || 20th May Episode Written Update

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NEW! Baalveer S3 – EP-19 20th May 2023 Full Episode Baalveer Season 3 Episode 19

Because in the trap of pandemic uplift, agile to funds are in this video of today we will talk about what happened in today’s episode of Baal Veer 3, friends, full review of today’s episode of Baal Veer 3, then if If you are a fan of Baalveer then please watch this video till the end and till now you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel Tax Mart Se Mann, subscribe the channel and press them first, then let’s start the fans video Let’s do it, without any delay, in today’s episode of Friends Baalveer 3, first of all we are shown that Baalveer is in a very bad condition after drinking milk here and there.

Lives here and Aditi suspects here and there that something bad is happening with Baalveer, but we see that in Bollywood, milk is not drunk at all, Baalveer’s father is thinking over there. And till now Baalveer has not even drunk milk, after that we are shown that the change that has taken place, he feels the evil power here and further enters here on earth, after that we are shown It is said that the Highness Utane informs him here that evil power has entered here, after that we are shown that Baalveer tries to feed completely here and there, but Baalveer does not drink there. After that we are shown that she comes here and there on the earth and is looking for Kashvi, then there His Highness Utthan and all the other people come there and there she openly challenges Baalveer, Baalveer where are you? Yes, come here, they say something like this there, only then His Highness Utthan makes a plane and His Highness Utthan also makes a copy of Baalveer there and.

When Baal Veer is made to enter, Agil gets shocked seeing Baalveer there and Baalveer starts talking to him there without even looking at him. They talk for a long time and both of them talk over there, Baal Veer and Baal Veer say that we will not fight here, after fifteen days we will fight. Baal Veer’s great magic, but he doesn’t have great magic, after that we are shown that the majesty who takes off, he captures the mother’s breath here and there and says that how would you have survived like this, you Sweta Har Why has the poison been stolen, then there is the demand of the mother-in-law, there they make up a false story there, and there they believe that His Majesty is uplifted; There they snatch his powers from both of them there and make a plane there, both of you go and go to the earth, now you people do not have powers, its.

Because of this, no one will even know on earth that you people will not know that you are on earth and go there and say something like this, after that we are shown that those who ask for mother-in-law, they get very scared and Bardus They say with firecrackers that stop Baalveer quickly, he says something like this there after drinking milk and whoever is there immediately calls Baalveer’s father and tells him to stop him quickly and take Baalveer there. But is stopped and then we are shown that His Highness Utthan and Saas Mang make a plane over there. Do you lure Gil and try to be on Agil’s side? Means pretend that you are with Agil and you want to kill twelfth along with him make such a plan and make such a plane and send a letter to there and further getting trapped in this trap there If she gets trapped in this trap, then the upcoming episodes are going to be even more interesting because in the upcoming episodes we will be shown that Jo Aage Woh Idhar Hai lives there and there.

Pe both together make a plane to kill Baalveer there when Pe sa smart says that I am not with you, I want to kill you now only like this there but everything he says to Agil and there If His Highness Utthan enters there, then what do you people think that this smog and His Highness Utthan together will put an end to the future or not? Friends, if you tell us in the comment box, many more about Baalveer methods, today’s episode and upcoming episodes, all this was to be updated, so friends, if you like this video, please like and comment. Do not subscribe to our youtube channel yet, subscribe to your channel and press the button along with it so let’s meet friends with another AC sting video till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram.


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