Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 205 Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 205


So finally the upcoming episodes of Guy’s Alibaba Dastane Qubool are going to be very interesting to watch because the one who is Alibaba has killed Roshni, taken her mother’s life. In today’s episode alibaba has brought more alibaba talisman parv aaj main back to funds in today’s video we are going to talk about what happened in today’s episode of alibaba gloves qabul to funds, alibaba, gloves qabul ke aaj ke Full full review of the episode is about to happen. So if you are a fan of Ali Baba, please watch this video till the end and subscribe to our YouTube channel Tax Mart if you have not subscribed to it till now.


And suppress them by taking them together. So friends let’s start the video itself. Without any further delay, in today’s episode of Funds Alibaba, Dastane Kabul, we are first shown that Jo Guruji and everyone comes here and everyone comes to know that Alibaba has left there and there That picture of Alibaba is found there who had brought the SIM card there. He finds Roshni’s picture there and those people come to know that both of them have come here to get the talisman only and as soon as they know this, Guruji leaves from there to chase them. Later we are shown that the Alibaba who is here and there with the talisman
Sim Sim comes to Sim Sim and there he is asking for the talisman, Alibaba tells him that until all the people are well, until those people are safe, I will Can’t give you the talisman. When something like this is said over there, then Guruji, everyone comes there and everyone keeps on attacking Alibaba there.


Then there, with the help of Alibaba Talisman, they lock those people in a deep there. After that we are shown Roshni’s entry there and Roshni talking to Alibaba there and looking at Sim Sim, Roshni is recognized there.
That you are the friend of that boy, then who is he, then when Roshni takes off her mask, then Roshni gets shocked and Roshni says that you have cheated me. After that we are shown that here and there all the people live in the wings, then there they come in the wings as per their wish and there the princess says to act as a hero so that there is only magic there near the coin. Can reach After that it shows us that the alibaba who are telling him very much there and there he tells alibaba that you have cheated me, I will not leave you and Roshni is thinking there.


After that we see the old things that the princess reaches here and there near that magic coin and from there she tries to talk to Alibaba. After that we are shown that they start attacking Alibaba here. Roshni and Roshni attack Alibaba a lot there but Alibaba does not attack him by turning around there. While Alibaba has a talisman, with the help of the talisman, Alibaba can also attack there. After that he shows us the light, he calls his Chandrahas over there, due to which Alibaba can be ended.


After that we are shown that the princess who doesn’t want to, starts seeing Ali Baba here and there, with the help of magic coins and as soon as she tries to talk there, then there are 40 thieves in her. One of them comes there and starts strangling Princess Marjina over there. After that we are shown that Roshni summons her Chandrahas, due to which Ali Baba can be easily killed. After that it is running there. She starts moving forward with this and here the princess who doesn’t want to is caught here. The whole plane of 40 Chor and Princess Marjina flops there.
After that we are shown that the one who is about to kill Alibaba is being killed by Chandra’s hand, then Roshni comes to know that it is no one else, they see the mark there and it is known that it is our son but there By mistake, the magic of the talisman goes on there by Alibaba’s hand, due to which Roshni dies. But in this the whole plan is of pay sim sim only. After that Sim Sim brings Alibaba and there he is also going to get Talisman from Alibaba. After that Alibaba is going to come there, here back in the flight, and as soon as they come back in the flight, they find Marjina unconscious.


So watching the upcoming episodes is going to be very interesting now so friends what do you guys think will sim sim get the talisman from alibaba or not you must tell us in the comment box. Alibaba has finally come with Talisman and I confirm you all that Alibaba’s mother has not died yet, so Funds had to update all this in today’s video. Jai Hind Vande Mataram for Tak Tak with Alibaba Gloves, Qubool today and upcoming episodes of Friends Meet Hai Koi Aur AC Interesting video

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