Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 204 Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 204


So finally it is going to be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes of Guy’s Alibaba Dastane Kabul because the one who is Alibaba has finally acquired the talisman and the one who is Roshni has come to know. The real truth of Alibaba and the light there says there that you had only seen mother’s love. Now in the upcoming episode, there will be a big fight between Alibaba and Roshni and finally Alibaba has acquired the talisman for Sim Sim, so friends in today’s video we will talk about are going to do.


Today episode of Alibaba Dastane Qubool Mein Kya Hua To Funds is going to do the full review of today’s episode of Alibaba Dastane Qubool. So if you are a fan of Ali Baba, then please watch this video till the end and till now you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel Tech Smartphone, subscribe to the channel and along with Bola Hai Unko Dawa Dijiye. So let’s start the fans video without any delay then friends alibaba dastane kabool ke. In today’s episode first of all we are shown that jo alibaba woh yahan pe sangrila out aa jaata hai and there he tells Sim Sim that I can’t get the talisman for you.


After that, we are shown that the 40 thieves who are there, they tell them to kill Leafie, then those 40 thieves who are there are there to kill Leafie. Even when the people live here, the Ali Baba who is there, they agree there and Alibaba says that I will bring you the talisman, when they say something like this there, then the leafy is left there. After that we are shown that the Alibaba who starts coming here and there inside Sangrila, after that we are shown that whatever the princess does not want. The reason for this is that the whole truth about Alibaba’s Ammi Abbu comes to be known there and the mark on Alibaba’s stomach.


Complete information about him is known. And the princess wakes up here and there and tells that the woman who has the talisman is none other than Alibaba’s mother and Alibaba will have to tell us this truth very soon. After that it is shown to us that the light which is there takes 45 here and there and starts going to the seventh earth layer of the talisman. And the Alibaba here also wears a full mask here and there and Alibaba also starts going to get the talisman. After that shows us that all the people come here. to put the talisman inside the seventh earth
After that the Gurujis who are there say that only you can go ahead of it because only you have that noor nishan they say something like this there after that the light starts moving forward there and that Light goes out inside the cave.


After that we are shown that the one who is Ali Baba says over there that everyone is surrounded here so how can I go inside then the one who is over there makes a blast over there then I am there because of the blast all the people over there They start going to the palace, then they secretly enter there, and Alibaba also enters inside, after that we see that the light
Here and there they start the process of making the talisman inside the seventh earth and behind them Alibaba also comes there and Alibaba is just waiting for the opportunity. After that shows us that the light is going to settle inside the seventh earth. Only then Alibaba comes in front there and Alibaba is shown in the middle of the light, that means there is a lot of fighting scene between mother and son and there is a lot of fight between the two and finally we are shown that Those who are Ali Baba, they achieve there. Roshni gets extremely angry with Talisman there.


And disappear there with the help of Alibaba Talisman. After that Guruji, everyone comes here to the palace, then nothing is seen here, then everyone understands that this could be someone’s trick and the Alibaba here, they come to Sim Sim over there. Are. They become very happy here after taking the talisman, then there Roshni and Guruji all the people come there and after coming all the people say that you are a friend of Alibaba, then Roshni understands there. . These two came here to get Talisman and remove Alibaba’s link there.


When Roshni comes there, she is very angry and Roshni says there that till now you had seen your mother’s love, now see that anger speaks something like this there, then you are coming for Alibaba Gloves Kapoor Very interesting episodes to watch So how excited are you to watch the upcoming episodes of Friends Alibaba Dastane Qubool? You must tell us in the comment box, then friends meet someone else with such interesting videos till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram

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