Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 202 Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 202

So finally it is going to be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes of Gaye Iss Alibaba Dastane Kabul because we were shown a lot of fighting scenes between Roshni and Guruji in today’s episode. The light that is there, Guru ji fights for Alibaba there and there is a lot of fighting. They even beat Guru ji there and fight a lot for Alibaba. But Roshni does not know that Alibaba has come there to get the talisman and Alibaba is about to give it to her. If Roshni does not know this deception, then it is about to come.
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So if you are a fan of Ali Baba, please watch this video till the end and if you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel Tax Martin yet, subscribe to the channel and press them together first. So let’s friends video koi start kar lete hai without any delay to funds alibaba dastane kabool ke in today’s episode first of all we are shown that roshni who is thinking here and there about alibaba.


Then the candle over there catches fire due to falling from the wind, then the light over there immediately extinguishes it. After that we are shown that the Guru ji here gives an order to bury these two there, he says something like this there and tells the way to bury both of them in the wall over there. How to bury them and all the servants take them there and start burying them there. After that we are shown that the light which is there is not aware of it.


Then there a servant comes there and she tells everything over there. What’s up with both of them? all these things
And let’s tell. After that the light starts going there immediately. After that we are shown that both Alibaba and Sim Sim are buried right here and there. Then the light that is there comes there and after coming there, with the help of his magic, both of them are released from there. Then the Guruji who is there comes there and Guruji says that what you are doing is very wrong. Like this, when Guruji says something there, then the light there does not believe there. Guru ji’s talk and Roshni say that what you are doing is wrong and in the middle of this conversation there is a fight between the two.


And we are shown a lot of fighting scene between the two and in the light, Ali Baba and Sim Sim fight there to save Ali Baba and also fight with Guruji there and also try to kill Guruji there. . But Guruji backs away there and Guruji simply says that what you are doing is very wrong or such that Guruji speaks there and saves the light there. After that both are shown to us that the Guruji who is there says that we will have to put this talisman in the seventh part of the earth. But the light is not helping us now.


Then Roshni comes there and says that who said that I will not help and Roshni also supports there and says that tomorrow we will do this work and the Alibaba who is here here thinks about Roshni. have been After that we are shown that whatever they don’t want, they reach here and there. After reaching further to Vishu, they show the marks there, then the monks there tell that I had seen this mark on Alibaba’s back when I was treating him, and Marjina gets shocked after hearing this. And it doesn’t matter whether Alibaba has some connection or the other.


from the mon clan
They speak like this there and there they speak whatever they don’t want, is there any way to know about it? Then those who are there say that there is a way, but there is a great danger in it. Your life can also be lost, but if you don’t want to there, she doesn’t care, she says that no matter what happens, I can even give my life for Alibaba and there they ask for solutions and here and here, both Alibaba and I Here they are talking to each other and over there they are talking about the same talisman, only then the light comes there, but the light doesn’t get to know anything special there.


But watching the upcoming episodes will also be very interesting because in the upcoming episodes of Alibaba Dastane Qubool, we will be shown that they will try to do the talisman inside the seventh earth, only then they will reach there. After reaching Alibaba, Alibaba will try to get Talisman there. So it is going to be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes, so friends, today’s video number, this was all the updates were to be given, then friends meet someone else. jai hind vande mataram for till then with interesting video


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