Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 200 Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 200


So finally the guys accepted the Alibaba glove. Very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes as both Sim Sim and Alibaba have reached. Ali Baba and Sim Sim So have reached the competition by cheating Roshni in Mon Kabyle, so the upcoming episodes are going to be very interesting to watch. Would Alibaba Sim Sim be able to get Talisman together or not? This is going to get even more interesting in the upcoming episodes of Friends today. In this video we are going to talk. What happened in today’s episode of Alibaba Dastane Qubool? So friends Alibaba, we are going to do the full review of today’s episode of Dastane Qubool.

So if you are a fan of Ali Baba, then please watch this video till the end and till now you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel Tax Mart, subscribe to our channel and also press the first button. So let’s start the fund video without any delay then in today’s episode of Funds Alibaba Dastane Qubool first of all we are seen that sim, sim and alibaba are moving here and there with som kabhi lekar and here and there And over there Alibaba is asking Sim Sim over there that why only me? What am I like inside me because of which only I can go inside you and why are you using me? kind of over there.


Alibaba poses some questions to Sim Sim, after that we are shown that here all the people of the Mon clan live here and there Ali Babar Sim Sim is moving here and there. That’s why the light over there realizes that someone is entering my assigned clan without permission and Ali Baba over here here falls on the ground and faints, so Alibaba talks about his mother. I am thinking over there and as soon as Alibaba can be there then Sim Sim asks what happened then there Alibaba tells everything over there. After that we are shown that the mother of Alibaba is moving here and there.


And she sees some light type of something there, then she starts moving there, but whatever happens there, she sidesteps Alibaba there and says that we cannot go from here in front, we have to be a little careful inside. Will have to stay Sim Sim speaks something like this there. Then there many soldiers of Sim Sim come over there and start attacking Alibaba’s Ammi over there. Then the mother of Alibaba over there starts fighting over there. They start shooting arrows at those people over there and start fighting with those people over there. Only then we are shown that the Alibaba site there.


They come and there Alibaba comes in front of Roshni and we are shown Alibaba helping Roshni over there. But this is a trick of Ali Babar Sim Sim and Roshni helps there. After that we see that here she attacks Roshni from behind and there Alibaba takes that arrow on himself, then Roshni has full faith in Alibaba because Roshni is saved there by Alibaba but this Roshni does not know that there is a plan. And here, 40 thieves together in the paper are troubling all the people here.


After that we see that Alibaba gets hit with arrows and take full risk to fix Alibaba there. The light that is there says that nothing will happen to him. This way there Roshni promises something to Sim Sim and then we are shown that Roshni goes inside taking both Alibaba and Sim Sim. But the upcoming episodes are going to be even more interesting because Som Kabhi Lekar Jo Guruji hai wahan par says that this could also be a trick of these people and Ali Baba is about to get out of there. from the mon clan
So how excited are you to watch the upcoming episodes? If you do tell us in the comment box, friends, alibaba, dastane, qabool upcoming episodes and in today’s episode got to see some kind of scene, then friends today’s video was just about to update everything, then friends meet someone else. Till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram with interesting video.

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