Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 18th May 2023 Episode Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 224 Full Episode

So finally it will be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes of Guy’s Alibaba Dastane Kabul, because the alibaba who has been caught, the devil has finally caught Alibaba in today’s episode, so the upcoming episodes will be even more interesting. wala hai because jo hai he wants to marry princess marjeena and this is a very interesting thing because shehzadi wants to marry marjeena then funds today in this video we will talk about alibaba dastane qabul kabhi in today’s episode Happened? So friends alibaba dastane kabool ke aaj ke episode ke pura full review karne wale hai to agar aap log ali baba fan hai to kripya is video ko end tak zaroor dekhne aur abhi aapne hamare youtube channel tax mart se hum ko subscribe kar nahi karne hai subscribe and press bilal khan together so let’s start the fund video itself without any further delay so in today’s episode of Funds Alibaba Dastane Qubool we are shown first of all Alibaba Idhar Yahaan Pe Zeera Akhtar Se Alibaba to get freedom.

They want to kill themselves there and the elephant also says that I will die, if I want to die, then let me die, like this, there the elephant says something to Alibaba and Alibaba also wants to take his life there, because of which Fighting starts between the two and Alibaba pushes Hatim over there and by pushing Hatim over there, Alibaba is trying to take his life over there, then that sword disappears from there. It happens and the person who rises from the cover over there says that I was just testing you guys, now you can easily be free from Giraffe Akhtar and I have faith in friendship again. It is like this there but that person speaks something and frees Alibaba from Jeera Akhtar over there and Alibaba, Hatim all people become very happy there but Tahira disappears from there. , then over there Alibaba thinks Tahira must have been abducted by the devils of Iblis and the English devils here and here.

They are asking who is Alibaba among those two? That’s why Alibaba and Hatim both reach there and try to kill that devil and Alibaba is going to kill that devil then there those devils sprinkle a magical water over Alibaba because of which Alibaba The lighted heart of the person shines there and that devil comes to know that this is Ali Baba and runs away from there with Alibaba, after that we are shown that those devils come here with Alibaba and then there But Iblis contacts that devil over there, then that devil tells there that yes, I have caught Ali Baba and I am coming to you soon with him. But they are still talking, then Alibaba runs away from there, after that we are shown that in Sim Si, they come here behind the same door and there, and Sim Sim thinks that he should go inside it. Must see and sim sim goes inside there and as soon as sim sim goes inside then there.

They come there and the English say to Ramsingh that now you get out of my sight, they say something like this there, but Sim Sim is just dreaming there, after that we are shown that the Alibaba here but they are running away from that devil and those devils are chasing Alibaba here and there but those devils also see Ali Baba over there but those devils cannot catch Alibaba there because Alibaba hides from there, after that we see that in the elephant he tries to contact Alibaba here and there with the help of a talisman and also contacts Alibaba there and talks to Alibaba there Porali Baba says that I have to go back to the world of seven questions, then Hatim says that once I leave this world it is impossible to come here and Ali Baba says there that there is only fifteen days’ time. you have to kill inside otherwise we will never be able to kill him and it will take me fifteen days to cross the seven questions.

So the upcoming episodes are going to be even more interesting, after that we will see that the one who comes here and there from Idli to Princess Marjina and tells her that I want to marry you, but the princess doesn’t want there. She flatly refused and said that if Alibaba comes soon, then the upcoming episodes will be even more interesting and the Alibaba who reaches here and here and Alibaba is about to come to his mother, will the English catch Ali Baba? Will you take it or not? Friends, how excited are you to watch the upcoming episodes of Dastane Qubool Friends Alibaba, you must tell us in the comment box. If you do tell us in the comment box, friends, in today’s date, I had to give all this update, then friends, meet someone else with such interesting videos till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram.


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