Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 17th May 2023 Episode Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 223 Full Episode Written Update


So, watching the upcoming episodes of confession of the confession of Alibaba gloves, now very much interesting because Alibaba wants to kill his own and Hatim also wants to take his life, so the upcoming episode is going to be more interesting, so is Alibaba his Will your life kill himself or not? You must tell us in the comment box, in this video of today, we are going to talk about what happened in today’s episode of Alibaba gloves confession? So Funds Alibaba, is going to review the episode of today’s episode of gloves, so if you are a fan of Ali Baba, then please watch this video till the end and yet you have not subscribed to us with our YouTube channel Tax Mart Subscribe to and press them first, so let’s do the fund video, without any delay, in today’s episode of Funds Alibaba gloves, we are the first to show that Joe Alibaba is the one here of Akhtar here They live there in captivity, then the light comes there, that is, in the elephant, they make a reflection of light there.


Are and Roshni talks to Alibaba there and Alibaba thinks back about his entire family and Alibaba gets freed there. After that we are shown that what is there, they go here here and Iblis enters a door there inside the shell and Iblis start talking there, after that we are shown that the sim sim is also here Here it comes and sim sim goes near the same door and the sim sim tries to go in, then the sim sim is not allowed to go inside, then think there SIM thinks what your English is doing after all. Inside, we are seen that in the elephant who is trying to break here here, how can it be removed? Then there the devil is chasing there and Alibaba sees him there and Alibaba goes to kill him and finally Alibaba starts fighting him there, Alibaba kills him.


They also make and elephants are looking here on here, then it is shown to take off the sajira police that those who come out here from the idli and say to the sim sim that you stay away from this door. So sim sim comes there, in a lot of anger, after that we are seen that the Alibaba who comes here and stays near Hatim, tells that there is only one way to remove Akhtar. Will have to uproot and ask him, after that we are shown that the sim sim comes here and bothers all the people very much and tells everyone that until these minars are ready, then Till here no one will rest here, he speaks something like this there and all the people come here on here, all the people come here and after coming to the tomb and after coming, the elephant there with the help of its magical strength from there Uproot the corpse and try to talk to him there, to remove the giraffe Akhtar, there is no solution to remove it to remove it.


Will have to die and there is a solution there on there that either of you will have to die, that too with my sword, then you can be free from cumin Akhtar, you can be free from this kind, then you say something like this, then come there If the episode is going to be even more interesting, then do you think that both Alibaba and Hatim will die or will either of them die? If you tell us in the box, then the funds of today’s videos were to give all the updates, then the fund is found, with such an interesting video, Jai Hind Vande Mataram till then.


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