Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 16th May 2023 Episode Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 222 Full Episode Written Update

So finally, watching the upcoming episodes of Guy’s Alibaba Dastane Kabul is going to be very interesting because Ali Baba and Hatim, who has become a devil and are trapped in the trap of Iblis, the upcoming episodes are going to be even more interesting. And in today’s video, we were shown an interesting thing that all the people of Parwaz are alive and all the people are in the captivity of English, so the upcoming episodes are going to be even more interesting, now we have to see how Alibaba turns back from devil to human. Wala hai very very interesting to funds aaj ke iss video mein we will talk about ali yuva dasta ne qabul ke aaj episode mein kya hua to funds alibaba dastane qabul ke aaj ke episode pura full review karne wale hai to agar aap log hai If you are a fan of Ali Baba, please watch this video till the end and till now you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel Tax Mart, subscribe the channel and also press the black button, then friends, let’s start the video. is without delay then funds alibaba gloves

In today’s episode of Qubool, first of all it is shown that Alibaba Hatim Tahira is already living here in the world of questions and everyone is talking over there, after that we are shown that Jo Idli Se Woh Here Roshni lives over there and Roshni is tortured a lot over there and like this Alibaba Tahira all the people go out here in search of the first question here but over there meet a person over there They are there and then they talk to him there, then those people are selling weapons there, then they start talking to them there, after that we are shown that the light that is here and there is told there and there All the people of Parvaz are brought there and Roshni becomes very happy to see all the people there because all the people of Parvaz are alive there except the princess who does not live there and wants to die from now on. We are still not shown where to go, after that we are shown that Alibaba, Hatim all live here.

There is Ali Baba over there, he wears a magical dress over there and that person is none other than an Englishman, people live there and Alibaba after wearing that dress, Alibaba They become devils and here they were getting all the people of Parvaz to work and there they were getting the seven towers built by those people only, with whose help the English are going to go into the world of seven questions and this is such a plan of the English It happens and near the English people there they inform that they have trapped Alibaba, after that we are shown that Hatim Tahira lives here and there and that Alibaba becomes a devil there, because of which there But Alibaba starts attacking Hatim over there and starts fighting a lot over there then yes Theme captures him over there and he tries to take off the dress, but Hatim fails there. Hatim does not take off that dress there, after that we see from Alibaba’s body that in the elephant he speaks there.

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