Tech Education Body Introduces Placement Portal For Students In Rural, Tribal Areas

AICTE Placement Portal: Currently, over 4,000 companies have expressed interest in joining the portal.

New Delhi:

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has launched the ‘AICTE Placement Portal’ with the aim of aiding students in rural and tribal areas in their pursuit of equal job opportunities. AICTE Chairman TG Sitharam inaugurated the portal, which saw virtual participation from over 600 AICTE institutions and industry partners. Mr Sitharam emphasised that this portal would eliminate the need for students in rural and tribal regions, especially those pursuing technical courses like engineering, to extensively search for jobs. It will directly connect them with numerous multinational companies.

“The placement portal for rural and tribal area students can be a powerful tool to help bridge the gap between Urban and rural areas in terms of access to employment opportunities. It will serve as a platform for connecting rural students with MNCs, Industries and other employers”, the chairman said.

He further said that upon registration on the portal, students would gain access to a wide range of job opportunities aligned with their subject expertise. Currently, more than 4,000 companies have expressed interest in joining the portal. 

“This platform would become the go-to resource for employers seeking top talent from reputable engineering and management colleges nationwide,” Mr Sitharam said. 

Mr Sitharam noted that the portal would soon be integrated with the AICTE Internship Portal. The user-friendly design of the portal ensures accessibility even in areas with limited internet connectivity and slower speeds.

The portal now extends its services to over 6 lakh villages and tribal regions and addresses language barriers by offering content in multiple languages.

“By bridging the gap between rural students and job opportunities and equipping them with the necessary tools for success in the job market, the portal has the potential to promote a more equitable and inclusive economy,” the AICTE stated.

Key features of the portal include its accessibility for students with limited access to high-speed internet. It provides features such as job listings, career guidance, networking tools, and resources for employers interested in hiring students from rural areas.



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